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Solutions NOT Situations

Here at Universal Aero Accessories, we offer a wide variety of parts and services to fit your every need. Whether you have scheduled maintenance or catch yourself in an AOG situation.

As a FAA Certified Repair Station, it allows us to build repair specs for several types of units pertaining to Emergency Power Supplies and Aircraft Batteries.

We pride ourselves on being the best resource in the market for offering the best expertise, price, service, and execution.

We offer a full solution in part maintenance; from Capacity testing to Overhauling/Repairing. The best part is that if you are in more of a hurry and have a closer deadline to meet, we do offer an Exchange Program for the majority of the units we keep in stock or can service. We also offer loaner units for the full business/private jet lineup on both emergency power supplies and Batteries.

Find Your Solution


Part Maintenance

We get you taken care of from start to finish in your part maintenance needs. From Capacity Testing to Overhauling/Repairing, we have got you covered.

We also offer a Part Maintenance Scheduling Program that will be launching soon that will always keep you on track! 



Do you have a sooner deadline that you need to meet or are you in an AOG Situation and need our help? Our Exchange Program is one of the best options in the market just based on availability, ease of process, and the ability to ship same-day!



We do offer a long line of Loaner Options for both Emergency Power Supplies and Aircraft Batteries (Both Lead Acid and Ni-Cad; covering the full line of business/private jet models. The best part is that if you send your unit in for service, your loaner is free of charge!


Scheduled Part Maintenance

Let us help you keep on track with scheduled part maintenance, all based on the required maintenance information located in the manuals for each part. 

Learn more about our Scheduled Part Maintenance Program.

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